A word, I created, used to describe the kind of mamma I wanted to be to my three fierce young ladies.  It now describes an approach to parenting that I would like to share with you.  

Hi! I am Heather Woodbridge and I am so excited that you are visiting my website.  I am a life and parenting strategist.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that I am equipped to help parents develop strategies and finetune intuitive abilities to handle uncomfortable and chaotic situations through identification of underlying problems and building solutions for the family to enable positive change.

My inquisitive nature and fondness for investigative research drove me to figure out how to be the best mamma I could be to my family while still honoring myself.  Too often, I have seen parents out there struggling to keep their heads above water while trying to juggle their home life, their children’s lives and stay true to themselves.  It is incredibly important to find the balance but not many of us know how to get there when life becomes incredibly difficult or just plain disappointing.  With my background in Psychology, clinical work in the mental health field, three children and an avid reader of parenting books, I am qualified to help you achieve the needed balance to be the parent you have always wanted to be. 

Would you like to have a more calm, stable and engaging relationship with your children? Do you need help navigating the waters with your children? Are you feeling overwhelmed and just need help pulling yourself out of the weeds?  

If so, click here to learn about my MammaYoda Approach to parenting and set up a COMPLIMENTARY one-on-one with me.   


For years, Heather has encouraged and advised my family on parenting strategies to help keep our home life balanced. Heather’s approach is both unique and successful; she is great at putting things in perspective, and giving actionable guidance for dealing with parenting issues.
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Working with Heather has been life changing.  She is able to listen to my problems jumbled up and help me sort out where I want to start.  She gives me real tools to use for myself and ways to see my situations from different perspectives.
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One of my first interactions with Heather was in our daughter’s kindergarten classroom. Heather had all three of her young girls in the class with her at drop off and the kindergarten teacher was complimenting her on her discipline and potty training successes of her youngest.
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And the Smartphone Argument Begins

A couple of years ago, there was a phone contract that went around our school system asking parents to not give their children smartphones until 8th grade.  I never signed it.  I felt like a contract among parents seemed a little extreme but now I get it.  Not one person I know has stuck to this contract and the Read more