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And the Smartphone Argument Begins

A couple of years ago, there was a phone contract that went around our school system asking parents to not give their children smartphones until 8th grade.  I never signed it.  I felt like a contract among parents seemed a little extreme but now I get it.  Not one person I know has stuck to this contract and the Read more

“I’m only one call away…”

There are those songs that have stuck with me, that when they play on the radio they remind me of another time, allow me to pause or help me focus on the present.  There are not that many, I can probably count them on my hand.   Luckily for my daughters they aren’t heard very often on the Read more

What’s For Dinner?

A couple of nights ago, my twelve-year-old daughter asked what was for dinner, I asked her what she would prefer to eat.  Without hesitation, she replied, “I want something snuggly where I don’t have to do any dishes.”  It took everything in my power to not laugh and instead just say, “I hear you! Now, imagine how Read more

Let Go & Move On

A friend recently texted me about moving on from a friendship and how we should be teaching our children to forgive but not necessarily forget.  I think back to several toxic relationships that I had that ended in disaster.  More often than not, there was very little forgiveness and only time allowed me to truly forget.  I use Read more

For the Love of Groundhog Day!

I have always loved Groundhog Day. Not the movie, but the actual holiday itself. It just so happens that the very odd, overweight furry creature in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania has been able to fairly accurately determine the meteorological fate of my birthday each year. Will I be able to wear a dress in the month of Read more

I am the Kraken

I would like to think we all have tempers.  That at some point we are all pushed way past our normal, when a fuse has been lit that cannot be undone.  I like to hold on to this idea as an ever present “get out of jail” card for me.  Yet, I know people do exist that have Read more

The Art of Saying No

Trying to say “no”, setting limits and having boundaries is always more complicated around the holidays.  Yet, this year seems a bit easier because there are now external limits being forced upon us.  If you are similar to me and have had trouble saying “no” or setting boundaries for yourself, perhaps this holiday is a positive step Read more

Thank the Universe!

“I am the luckiest girl, because I got so many presents for my birthday!” This was the response I got from my four year old daughter a couple of years ago after she stopped singing in the car about being the luckiest girl. My child was genuinely feeling blessed and happy about all the gifts Read more

Sweater Weather

In so many ways, this season is my favorite time of year.  I love the change in the leaves, the easy routine we get into for school, the preparation for a feast with the family that comes to join and of course the switch in clothing.  Every fall my middle daughter and I long for the switch, Read more

From the Vault: Naked Wrestling

In this post, I would like to reflect on a moment from several years ago; from my “memory vault.” In “The Vault” are the stories that we know in my household, the ones that shape us as a family. I started writing out these moments a while back because they seemed so incredibly hilarious, and Read more

Wait, They Don’t Have WiFi!!??

“Wait, they don’t have WiFi?!?!” These are the exact words my 8-year-old said to my husband and me when we told our girls that they would be going to their family’s “farm” for the weekend, where Internet access is limited. So, what do you do when your children’s lives have been completely highjacked by electronics? When Read more

6 weeks, 4 days & 2 hours….

This is how many days I have been distance learning with my children. But why am I counting this time? Am I counting because the experience is excruciating?  Am I counting the days so I know how many I’ve racked up when they finally are back in school?  Am I counting down the days I have not Read more

You Are Driving Me Beautiful

How many times have you said to your child, “You are driving me crazy”?  My husband and I used to say it a lot, it was just an easy, flippant remark we would say to either each other or our kids. “Stop it,” “You’re driving me crazy,” and so on. These were once regular conversations in Read more