One-On-One Coaching

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How often do you wake up dreading your morning routine with your child or children? Are you exhausted just thinking about their daily schedules and have trouble prioritizing time for yourself?  

For most of us, the answer is probably more often than not. But don’t worry, you are not alone!

Parenting is the hardest job we have and we voluntarily sign up to do it with conviction in our hearts that these little terrors will be worth it.  Looking into those adorable little eyes or hearing that little elfish voice say our names makes it all worth it, right?  Unfortunately, those moments can seem fleeting as their little eyes scrunch up, the bottom lip starts quivering, the elfish voice turns into a screaming banshee and we realize within seconds that we have tipped the fates and we are now spiraling in tantrum hell.   We are left asking ourselves; what did we do, how did this happen and why is it happening on a day like today?

The reality is that children are going to cry and scream, they are going to yell at us and in some moments say that they hate us or that we are making life unfair.  My friends have always said, little kids little problems, big kids big problems but the underlying premise is always the same no matter what the age of the child. Our role as their parents is to be their sounding board, emotional rip cord and safe heaven at all times, which in some instances seems like maximum pain and insanity for us.   

In my six month program, meeting twice a month, you will become the Mammayoda that you are meant to be. We will begin our journey focusing on you; getting you into a better place to contend with all the peaks and valleys coming your way raising your kid. Then we will focus on the goals you set for yourself regarding your parenting and strategize how best to implement them into your family.  

As I said before, there is no one size fits all approach to parenting. But the MammaYoda Program can give you a foundation for a healthier and more manageable lifestyle for you and your family.  

During this one-on-one, I can learn about your parenting goals and we can see if the MammaYoda program can help you.

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