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Work with me - MammaYoda

Why work with me?

Parenting is the hardest job we do and we voluntarily sign up to do it with conviction in our hearts that these little terrors will be worth it.

Let me help you find the joy and peace to live in these moments either through One-On-One Coaching or my Parenting Support Group. Both will provide hands on techniques on how to be present in even the most trying situations.

Work with me - little terrors


For years, Heather has encouraged and advised my family on parenting strategies to help keep our home life balanced. Heather’s approach is both unique and successful; she is great at putting things in perspective, and giving actionable guidance for dealing with parenting issues. Happiness starts at home. I highly recommend Heather if you are seeking to better communicate with your children and create equilibrium in your home life- which always positively affects everything else in your life as well!
~ Anne

Working with Heather has been life changing.  She is able to listen to my problems jumbled up and help me sort out where I want to start.  She gives me real tools to use for myself and ways to see my situations from different perspectives.  She helps me to feel in control of my life, working with me to make a plan and the confidence to execute it, even if I have to change it as I go along.  She understands relationships and the feelings that motivate us and the people around us.  When I work with my children after  a meeting with Heather, I’m more able to hear them and take things one at a time.  She has helped me to slow my reactions so that I can chose how I want to be with my kids, rather than losing my mind on those crazy afternoons.
~ Rachel

One of my first interactions with Heather was in our daughter’s kindergarten classroom.  Heather had all three of her young girls in the class with her at drop off and the kindergarten teacher was complimenting her on her discipline and potty training successes of her youngest.  Through the year, this kindergarten teach would continue to praise her and her parenting style.  I remember thinking, “what am I doing wrong and how can I get this child guru to help me!”  She is direct, thoughtful and has an impeccable knack for evaluating all sides before coming up with a solution, which has proven to be invaluable when dealing with young minds  Heather is a career learner – she is perpetually transforming, evolving and aspiring others to do better.  I am so grateful for her patience and expertise!
~ Melissa